10 November 2011

Dialectics and Politics in the Classroom

This is just a brief thought that is contained in the conclusion of an essay that I am writing at the moment:

Bourgeois economists have the luxury of being able to deceive their students, and in many cases themselves, into pretending that their theories and pedagogical choices are apolitical.   This mindless dissemination of mainstream political ideology in the classroom is both dishonest and harmful to students of college level economics.  
The choice of presenting a theory as apolitical; be it the theories of dominant bourgeois economics or otherwise,  is itself a political decision to continue to disseminate hegemonic ideology.   Economics does not exist in a world distinct from politics (and culture).  To pretend that the political realm of society in not shaping economic theory in the classroom and elsewhere is nothing short of insane.  Likewise it is not a leap to assume a dialectical relationship where economics classrooms are shaping political processes.  If the economic theory being presented in the classroom cannot help but to shape the politics of our students, those of us who prefer a politics different to that of the mainstream need to be much more careful in how we operate pedagogically than is the norm.   

07 November 2011

A Little More on Anti-Mankiw

As most people reading this will agree, production of bourgeois ideology in society is very well developed.  It is so well developed that its engineers can pretend that the machine of ideology production does not exist. 
Some, myself included, have argued that a critical blog lends credibility to the existence of the machine.  Upon further reflection I am starting to believe that anything (even the implied relevance brought by taking the time to critique) that makes people more aware of the propagation of dominant ideology in society could have very positive results.  I am hoping for the best!

Anti-Mankiw on Blogger is Born

A project long in the making....the brain child of economic historian Daniel MacDonald of UMass Amherst...Inspired by the epic rant in book form by Marc Linder (Anti-Samuelson)...The anti-Mankiw movement has moved to the blog-ishphere.  This project is essentially about alternative perspectives and criticisms to mainstream economic thought...about time it manifested blog form.  Congrats on the launch of the new project everyone!