30 March 2012

Canada Leads the Way? Elimination of the Penny

Many people that I have personal contact with me have heard some form of complaining about something unimportant in the grand scheme of life.  One of my favorite rants, the continued existence of pennies.  I hate pennies. 

Inflation is necessary part of capitalist stability, and has long since rendered the penny obsolete.  Rounding every purchase to the nearest 5 cents saves far more than it costs.  There are many places to find analysis and commentary on this, here is one.


Even in a worst case scenario for an individual (say losing 3 cents on 10 purchases a day for an entire year) the losses are fairly insignificant (around $100 a year).

 I can't fully explain why the little copper coins annoy me so much, but they do, and per the above story, my home nation is making a bid for me to return home (I can't think of any other reason for Canada to eliminate the 1 cent coin?)
Actually I can think of many....but I'll suggest that Canada needs me back as the primary reason (for now). 

28 March 2012

Revival of a Classic: The Simpsons, Krusty for Kongress on Fox News


This is just a liberal jab at News Corp
but quite funny.

Relevant part starts at 1:02. 
I only bring this up because of the constant coverage of the Republican primaries. 
Well worth 30 seconds if you haven't seen it. 

Dodgers Sale. Quick Hit...

Lazy reporting, Magic Johnson is just one of the members of the Chicago based financial group (* the only one that anyone has heard of I'm sure), not the "head" of the group.  


Regarding the sale:  I'm pretty sure part of the 2BILLION includes the parking lot as well (makes it all worthwhile).  Pretty much finishes my dream of ever owning a team though.